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Nik Wullschleger: South African, Director and Managing Member of InformAge. Nik has a B.Sc. in Climatology and Oceanography and a B.Sc. Honours in Geology, GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Cape Town. Nik has in depth knowledge of the National Water Act, Water Services Act, National Environmental Management Act, Environmental Conservation Act and the EIA Regulations. Nik is a  egistered Professional Natural Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Science Professions (SACNASP). 
Gus Pickard: South African (HDI race), Associate. Gus has 12 years experience and is a qualified IMSSA and DLA facilitator, WIETA social auditor, Fairtrade inspector and Master Mentor. Gus has participated in diverse projects in land reform, rural development, community driven IWRM and water use validation and verification. 
Gisela Wullschleger: South African (HDI woman), Associate. Gisela has a B. Social science – Industrial Psychology (UCT) and a B. Commerce – Economics and Information Systems (UNISA). Gisela’s interests lie in institutional / business development (mentoring and coaching), information systems development and management, project management, and monitoring and evaluation systems to improve business and project performance. She delivers training courses aimed at understanding institutional and legislative frameworks that affect the economic development of communities, while focusing on resource management.
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